June Favourites

Hello everyone, so today I am going to be doing my June favourites. Enjoy!

Blogging 001This first product is called ‘Simply Pure’. This is the gentle eye makeup remover. I use this after my shower and cleanser just to make sure that I have got all my mascara and eyeliner off and it is surprising as it gets off makeup that you could not see that was still there. This is a product that I would definitely recommend as it is affordable and it extremely effective.

Blogging 002

This next product is a hand cream and it is from E45. I have tried other hand creams e.g. Atrixo and Vaseline. However, I found that Atrixo made my hands greasy and oily. It also made my hands itch. Vaseline made my hands itchy and rashy, this is because I have eczema, this is why I truly recommend E45. It makes my hands feel normal again and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky. So if you have eczema then I would definitely recommend E45 hand cream, even if you don’t have eczema but want a hand cream that doesn’t leave your hands oily, this is definitely it!

Blogging 006

This lipstick is from the ‘MUA Matte Collection’ and it is a really peachy natural colour. I bought this lipstick as most of my lipsticks were very winter and autumnBlogging 007 like and I needed a bright colour for the summer and this definitely is the colour I had in mind when wanting to buy a summery lipstick. As it is matte it doesn’t go on as smooth as the ‘MUA Lipsticks’ but it does stay for a few hours before fading. I really think that this lipstick is a barging as it is only £1!

Blogging 003This nail polish is one that was given to me and I ABSOLUTLY love it!!! This is the ‘Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine’ and it is in the colour; 210 Ethereal. Its a really baby pink colour and I love it. I have to say that the colour does come off really quickly, however if I had of put a top coat on it I think it would have lasted longer. As this was given to me I don’t know whether you can still buy it in stores but you can probably buy it on eBay or Amazon.

Blogging 004This is the ‘MUA Undress Me Too’ palette and it is the only eye shadow palette I have used for MONTHS! The colours are so natural that they are perfect for Blogging 005school. In the palette you have mattes and shimmers, I definitely want to buy more of their palettes as all the colours in every palette look absolutely amazing. Sorry about the mess inside the palette, I also don’t use the applicator that comes with the palette I use an eye shadow brush. Definitely recommend.

look out love

This is an artist which I recently found out about like two days ago and already, I am obsessed with his music. Literally I know most of the lyrics to every song. The artist goes by the name ‘Look Out Love’ and this is his album ‘It’s 11:11 Somewhere…’ Honestly guys please go and listen to his music. This just had to go in my favourites because I am a huge fan of music! This is the link to his channel, please check it out!!! https://www.youtube.com/user/JTBenkerMusic

Thank you for reading my June favourites. Please feel free to leave a comment and I hope you have had a lovely June. Lots of love, XxFashionCookiexX.


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