Pretty Little Liars Wren Kingston ‘A’ Theory

Hi guys, so today I am doing another Pretty Little Liar theory and this time it is for Wren Kingston. When I was trying to find information on him I found it very hard as there was not a lot of clues that I could find connecting him to ‘A’. Wren Kingston


First of all lets start with his name. Wren Kingston. This name is a typical English name, which tells us straight away that he is from England, and I’ll show you why this is interesting a bit later. Wren is also a type of bird, Ali had a bird and named it Tippy. Tippy was also stolen from Spencer’s bedroom. This seems a little bit suspicious to me, seeing as Wren is a birds name and Tippy (a bird, is stolen) makes me think that Wren has something to do with it. In season 2 episode 4 we see ‘Nosey Bitches Die’ written on Dr Sullivan’s wall. Wren is the only known English character in Pretty Little Liars and 1 the way ‘nosey’ is spelt is the way it is spelt in England, whereas in America it is spelt ‘nosy.’ This seems a bit to obvious for ‘A’ to be Wren but apparently it is a clue, maybe there is another character from England which we don’t know about? 

Another interesting thing that I found about Wren is that he always shows up when someone needs help, this seems a bit suspicious and almost makes it seem like Wren is spying on the Liars to know when they need help.

From my research I also know that one of Wren Kingston’s enemies is Mona Vanderwaal. Wren also has other enemies which include Eddie Lamb and Veronica Hastings, however, this circles around Mona. Mona is still a high school student and I know that Wren seems to get a long with high school students, he fancied Spencer and Hanna. As Mona was the same age he probably was not scared to hurt her, whereas he could not hurt Eddie Lamb because he would have probably been caught and Veronica Hastings would have not of been an easy target, plus Mona was already a very suspicious character. What I am trying to say is that Wren could have hurt Mona and framed Ali for it.

In the episode ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ We see Wren break into Spencer’s house through the backdoor and brings a pot of flowers from their backyard which smashes on the kitchen floor and makes a mess. This is suspicious as why did he not just knock? Maybe he wanted to take something or spy on the Hastings family but Spencer was still up.

In the episode ‘Blind Dates.’ We learn that Wren knew that Ian was alive and he was providing painkillers for him. This tells us that Wren can keep secrets as he kept this secret very well from Spencer. By knowing this information it also gives Wren something to tease the liars about and message them about. In the same episode Spencer tells Wren that Ian tried to kill her in the bell tower and he is the only Rosewood resident that believes her. Is this because he set Ian up and he wanted to try and get rid of Spencer so that she would not keep getting in the way of his and Mellissa’s relationship? Or did Ian tell Wren that he tried to kill her in the bell tower because she had important information about him?

In the episode ‘Save The Date.’ We see that Emily goes into hospital with a stomach ulcer. When her blood test is taken, the results come back as she had HGH (Human growth hormone. A medication used to improve sports.) As Wren is a doctor he could have put the HGH into her blood test to change the results. It is also later confirmed that Emily did not know anything about the HGH.

In the episode ‘The Blond Leading The Blind.’ Toby breaks his arm after falling off some scaffolding and Wren ends up being his doctor. I think that Wren could have loosened the scaffolding to make Toby fall so that he could keep an eye on Toby and also visit Spencer more often without Toby knowing.

Another clue that I found is that when Mona is located in Radley Sanitarium, Wren is working as one of her doctors, this I find suspicious because Mona used to be on the ‘A’ team and Wren could be getting information off of her from Hannawren-colors-red-coat and Wren is using that against the girls. Whilst Mona is in Radley we see Wren drawing a family and she is colouring a woman in red and she is wearing a coat. Suggesting that he knows who ‘Red Coat’ is. The picture also looks as if they are on a farm and in Season 6 we see Jessica DiLaurentis wearing a red coat and holding a baby girl and there a two boys with her.

Wren at radleyIn the episode ‘Now You See Me Now You Don’t’ Wren is not seen but the liars find ‘A’s lair and say that Wren is not ‘A’ as he is being watched as well. However, the photo of Wren looks fake, almost as if he knew the photo was being taken of him. The photo also seems suspicious as he is about to kiss Spencer which could then be used against her.

Wren is in the episode ‘ I’m Your Puppet.’ This is strange as ‘A’ has been referred to before as a ‘puppet master’. Wren is also last seen in the episode ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces.’ (This may sound a bit confusing but believe me it makes sense.) Maybe Wren is ‘A’, himself and not really a doctor as he always abuses his position and that suggests that he has three faces. Also, Wren has never been in a finale which is very strange as Pretty Little Liars always promise that we will find out who ‘A’ is and he is never in the finale, this just seems a little odd to me.

Thank you for reading my blog post on my Wren Kingston theory. If you would like me to analyse a character for you please tweet me @Fashioncookiexx or leave a comment and I will analyse them for you. Please likr if you would also like to see more Pretty Little Liar theory’s. Lots of love, XxFashionCookiexX.


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