The Bomb Cosmetics Haul

Hello everyone, today I am going to be doing a bomb cosmetics haul as whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall I went into this little shop (can’t remember the name) and bought some bath bombs. I have seen these in Bentalls and looked at them but never bought any as I thought they would be like Lush. But I was on holiday and I had money spare so I went and treated myself. (This is not a review on the items but I will review them once I have used them)


The first thing that I purchased is this adorable little gift wrapped box containing 5 cute products. This box is called ‘Vintage Velvet’ they also have other gift wrapped boxes. None of the products that are inside this box were available to purchase in the shop, however, I do not know whether they sell them separately online or in other stores. I do know that they sell gift boxes online. In this box I got a vintage rosehip blaster, rose bath creamer, velvet underground bath blaster, rosebud bath buttercup and bejewelled soap. I cannot wait to start using them.

IMG_0549The next product that I purchased is the cute little rose bath creamer. The name of this bath creamer is ‘Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer.’ IMG_0547 The bath creamer is pink and has a rose in the top of it. The smell is very strong but also nice, is smells a bit like a perfume scent. As you can see there are some cracks in it but when I bought it there was none. I think this is because of travelling home with it in my bag.

IMG_0555This next product I thought was super cute, so I just had to buy it. This is a bath mallow and it is called ‘Button Moon Bath Mallow’. The mallow smell is not to strong. It almost smells a bit like apples. I have to be honest and say that it is not the nicest smelling bath bomb but its not disgusting.

IMG_0553The next bath bomb is adorable. Its a blue cupcake with two little pink hearts that look like ears! This bath mallow is called ‘First Love Bath Mallow.’ The smell is very sweet and smells a little like perfume. Again, this is not one of my favourite smelling bath bombs but I will still use it.

IMG_0551This next bath bomb is just adorable!!! I have to say that this one is my absolute favourite out of all of them because of the design. This is called ‘Cute As A Cupcake.’ This is a bath creamer and it smells like a strawberry cake. I love this because it is just so cute and dainty and that’s basically why I picked it up.


IMG_0541The last bath bomb I got is called ‘Baby Shower.’ I love this bath bomb because it has a really cute design and I love the little pink IMG_0545bow on top of the bath bomb. Now, this may seem an odd reason on why I picked up this, but it is because I love the smell of baby wipes. I don’t know why, I just do.

Sorry that this blog post was short, this was more of a first impression/ why I bought the product. Thank you for reading. Lots of love; XxFashionCookiexX.







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