Pretty Little Liars Holden Strauss ‘A’ Theory

HoldenStraussHello everyone. So I am a BIG fan of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) and I have seen many theories and searched up many things to try and uncover who ‘A’ is. That is why today I am going to be telling you my theory on why I think Holden Strauss could be ‘A’.


First of all lets start with his name Holden Strauss. The name Holden means hollow. His last name Strauss means low area of land. In season 6 we see the liars trapped in an underground (low area of land) dollhouse and it is very hollow and empty inside the dollhouse. His last name is also German which is a big clue as when the liars first enter the dollhouse they hear “Wilkommen” and then “Bienvenidos” which is Spanish and Holden moved away to live in Spain for his father’s sabbatical on the river Delta.

Holden is first introduced into the show in the episode ‘A Hot Piece Of A’. This concerns me as ‘A’ is mentioned twice and it is the first time we have seen Holden and even heard about him. He is also last seen in the episode ‘The Remains Of A’. So he is introduced in an episode mentioning ‘A’ and he is also last seen in an episode mentioning ‘A’. How interesting. Another episode that he is in that is quite interesting is ‘A Kiss Before Lying’ in this episode we see Aria and Holden on a ‘date’ as Aria’s father comes to pick them up Holden is knocked into an air hockey table, here we see a bruise on his right side. In a previous episode we see Hanna hit ‘A’ with a car and they land on their right side which is sure to leave a bruise like that.

There is one thing about Holden that really struck me making me think that he could be ‘A’. He is very secretive towards his parents and even his best friend; Aria. We know that Holden plays Korean martial arts, this could be for defence so that he can defend himself from police and the liars. His parents also don’t know that he plays martial arts and he is forbidden because of his Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. Which in doctor terms can be referred to as ‘AAA’ or triple ‘A’. This was a very sneaky clue that PLL put in.

Holden also seems to appear the minute something bad happens. In the episode ‘The Naked Truth.’ We see that Aria gets trapped on the school roof to find Caleb. As she finds that she is trapped she heads for a ladder and someone, which we now know was Noel grabbed her ankle. Holden was suddenly at her rescue. Had Holden locked her on the roof and knew that Noel was up there so that he could suddenly save the day? Or did he get Noel to go and speak to Aria so he could scare her but not hurt her. This leads me on to my next point in the episode ‘CTRL:A’ Aria cancels her date with Mr Fitz to watch Holden’s tournament. Holden knew about these dates and could have texted Bryon (Aria’s dad) telling them where they were meant to meet as they are friends Holden probably only wanted to scare Aria and not hurt her as most of the bad stuff always happens to the other girls.

eye stampIn the episode ‘The Remains Of A’ Emily see’s a stamp on Holden’s hand which is an eye symbol. This can be known as the ‘All Seeing Eye.’ This is also associated with the NAT club, which in English stands for we see all. Now, everyone else from the NAT club has died or so we think their dead because in Pretty Little Liars you can never really know and Holden just disappears. I think that’s quite strange.

The last thing I think that is a massive clue is what Holden says to Spencer “laugh now but I will be sending you a handwritten thank-you note for letting me interrupt your conversation.” This is slightly creepy because the liars receive a lot of handwritten notes from ‘A’ and Holden admitted that he would send her one. He also says “for letting me interrupt your conversation.” ‘A’ does this a lot, just sending texts when the girls are talking.

Thanks for reading this blog post on my Holden Strauss theory, if you would like me to analyse any characters for you then please feel free to tweet me @Fashioncookiexx or leave a comment. Please also feel free to let me know who you think is ‘A’. Lots of love: XxFashionCookiexX.


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