The Regent Cafe In The Lizard (Cornwall)

Hi guys, so last week I went on holiday to Mullion (Cornwall) and it was awesome. While we where there we went out for dinner every night and there was this little café that I think we all became a bit obsessed with and it was amazing. This was the Regent Café.

The Regent Café from outside.

I can honestly say that if you are ever in Mullion (Cornwall) go to the Lizard and try this café because it will blow your mind at how good it is in there. When you first see the café it doesn’t look to impressive, there are signs all around the front of the shop and its not to fancy, however, the inside of it is a different story. The walls are decorated blue with an repeated long picture on the wall. It is quite small but it is cosy. The staff are extremely friendly and love to talk and joke around. They also have a very good selection of food and it is all homemade! Even including cakes. The Café also has its own shop connected on to it which is perfect for buying little gifts for yourself, family and friends.

My Curry.

This is a picture of the Korma curry that I had twice while I was on holiday. I love curry and this was just the best. You can easily tell that it is homemade and it was so delicious! The portion sizes are massive though but they do taste absolutely amazing.

My Shmoo!

So, I discovered Shmoo a couple of years ago on holiday in Cornwall and you can’t get them in Berkshire so I always have to get one when I go down there. Shmoo’s are basically a milkshake and they come with cream in the top and depending where you go you sometimes get marshmallows but they don’t do that at the Regent Café. They do the milkshakes in banana, strawberry and chocolate. If you love milkshakes and you go somewhere selling a Shmmo, buy one.

These are the only photos of my food because I kind of forgot to take photos everyday (oops) but I did manage to get some pictures of my families food so you can see what it looks like.

Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger

Thank you for reading this blog post. Lots of love, XxFashionCookiexX.


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