Spring/Summer Haul

Hi guys, so today I thought I would show you some of the clothes that I have recently bought for the spring/summer seasons. I really like the clothes that I have purchased and I hope that you will feel the same.

The first item of clothing that I have got is this vest top that says ‘More Issues Than Vogue.’IMG_0437 I really like this top because it is bold and it stands out. The material is also very light so even though it’s a black top you are not going to be too hot in it. I also really liked the top because I feel like it really tells other people about how you are currently feeling and I like anything that can tell you a story and is meaning full. This is from Amazon and they also had this in other colours as well and different designs.

The next item that I have bought is white lace crop top. The design on it is very summer like and again, the material is also really light so it’s going to keep you cool in the summer. However, this IMG_0439top does show your whole stomach and not just a little bit. It has a small white vest underneath that is attached but this only goes down far enough to cover your bra, you are also probably going to need a strapless bra. So if you’re not comfortable showing your stomach then this top is not for you. Apart from the shortness of the white vest it is a really nice top and would go really well with a pair of black jeans or a pair of denim shorts. This is also from Amazon and is available in other colours.

The next item is a grey crop top. There is nothing really exciting about this product it is just a plain simple top. ThIMG_0441e material is really light so good for the summer. I bought this because I saw a pack of three on New Look for £10 but I didn’t want to spend that much and I didn’t want all the colours that the pack of three came with so I saw this on Amazon for £1.44 plus £2.90 postage and I thought I have to get that. Obviously the prices will vary depending on colour and size. I like this top so much that I might have to buy some more in different colours.

The next bit of clothing is this ‘The 1975’ vest. I have had this for a while and I did actually buy it IMG_0445for the summer so I thought I would chuck it in here. I love ‘The 1975’ so when I saw this I had to buy it . The fitting is very tight and I’m not sure how long this top is going to last because one of the arms looks like the sewing is going to come undone and I have not worn it yet. However, this may just be the top that I was sent. Anyway, I really like this top and I can’t wait to start wearing it. This is also from Amazon.

This next item is what I bought from New Look to go with ‘The 1975’ top and it is a plain black pleated skater skirt. I decided on buying a skater skirt because I saw a pictureIMG_0474 of Taylor Swift wearing a ‘The 1975’ vest and she had it tucked into a grey tartan skater skirt so I thought I would have to try out this style. The skater skirt is a light material, therefore keeping you cool. As the skirts black it can also be paired with many different types of tops. At the minute I like wearing this skirt with boxy crop tops that I purchased last year and tucking them into the skirt, this makes them look like a type of dress and it will also keep you cooler than wearing jeans.

IMG_0443The next item is this black skater dress. Now, this dress is a lot heavier than I thought. This dress is not what you would want to wear out on a really hot day. Instead its more of an evening dress as it will keep you cool but not make you too warm. The dress comes with a belt that goes round the waist. I really like skater style skirts/dresses as I think that they suit me quite well. I have also purchased this dress in pink as if you haven’t already seen that everything I have bought is very monochrome so I thought I would need some colour.

The pink dress has slightly a different style to the black one and I don’t think it suitsIMG_0477 me that well, the belt does not sit where its meant to and if I tried it on in a shop I probably would not buy it. The material is not as heavy as the black one but it is really soft, I do like the dress but it just doesn’t suit me. The dress also is not this colour in real life, it looks orange on the camera, I can assure you it is a very medium shade of pink. The dresses are from Amazon.

IMG_0489The next item I purchased was these skull leggings. I absolutely love them and for about £2 it’s not a bad purchase. I also really want to get more. You can really wear them with anything, especially a plain t-shirt. They are also very comfy and there a bit more fun than normal leggings. I would definitely recommend them, however they are quite thin but you can’t see underwear or the line of underwear in them. These are from Amazon

IMG_0487To go with the leggings I bought a skull top, it is awesome! It has a skull on the front IMG_0485and next to it has writing that says ‘firm belief’. On the back it has cut out bits and you can see your bra through it but it wont look so bad if you wear a black, or you could wear a vest so you can’t see your bra. The material is very thin so its perfect for summer. This is from Amazon.

IMG_0479The next thing I bought is from New Look and it’s this Don’t Always Play By The Rules top which I really liked. The top is a baby pink but because the colouring on it is so light you have to wear either a white or nude bra because you can see it. The top is again very light and perfect for the summer. IMG_0492

I also needed a new pair of sunglasses so I bought some cat eye ones. To be honest they don’t really suit me but I’m sure when I find the right outfit they will go perfectly. They make everything look slightly tinted purple. These are from Amazon.

IMG_0481To finish of my haul I also bought a black fedora. The hat is quite big so I’m quite worried I will hit someone in the face with it. Apart from that it’s an amazing hat but the only issue might be transporting it. I definitely think it will get squashed in a suitcase. These are from Amazon

I really hope you enjoyed reading my spring/summer haul and I hope you liked some of the things that I purchased, please feel free to leave a comment.


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