Laura Geller VS W7 Foundation


Hi guys, so today I thought I would write a blog post about two makeup brands that I am currently using which is Laura Geller and W7 and see how they compare to each other. So, Laura Geller is a more expensive makeup brand, probably one that you won’t see on the high street whereas W7 is. When we look at the pricing of the items (in this case foundation) the Laura Geller foundation is sold for around £28 whereas the W7 foundation is sold for around £4.95. I would just like to point out that W7 do more foundations, however, I’ve only ever used the photo shoot foundation so I’m not sure about the rest.

Laura Geller                                                                                                            
 I have been using the Laura Geller foundation since December and I still have loads left and I use it everyday. Laura Geller is definitely one of these foundations that you wont have to re-purchase every month or106 so, which is good because it is an expensive foundation. The foundation is also very light (as in weight) this means that if you want a little bit of coverage its good and if you want more coverage it’s good because you can build on it.  Another pro of the foundation being light is that you barely know it’s on your face. The foundation is also a powder meaning that you don’t have to spend even more money on buying powder to put over your liquid foundation. However, this foundation is not very good if you have quite a few annoying spots that you want to hide, even though you have used concealer, if you want more coverage for spots this is not the foundation. If you build the foundation too much it can make you look orange so you need to be careful.

W7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Before I started using Laura Geller I was using W7 and for the past couple of days I have actually gone back to using W7 because I had an annoying spot above my nose which I w107as not happy about and overall I just wanted more coverage. Once I put the W7 foundation on I instantly noticed that my face looked clearer and you could barely see the annoying spot. This foundation is also good because you know its going to stay, so if you do forget to take your powder with you, you still have coverage unlike Laura Geller. However, some of the cons of this product is that you have to buy powder to put over it. I like using MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder for putting over my foundation as it is light and just sets your makeup into place. This product can also make you look orange if you apply to much, also if you miss an area of your face you can tell because it does make you look like you have a little bit of colour on you.

Overall I think that Laura Geller is better because you can easily put the foundation in your bag and touch it up during the day whereas you can’t with W7, you can only reapply powder. Laura Geller is also a foundation which you can choose how much coverage you want. However, W7 gives you better coverage and it takes less time to apply because you just put a few dots on your face, use a brush to apply it and then use powder, so if you’re in a rush W7 foundation is better. I would recommend both of these brands but I definitely think that Laura Geller is better.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Lots of love, XxFashionCookiexX


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